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Did Steve Harvey Disrespect Women? Feminists Are Angry At Steve Harvey Reason For Not Having Female Friends

Did Steve Harvey disrespect women? Steve Harvey is receiving backlash after a candid interview where he revealed how he views women. In this interview Steve Harvey said he doesn’t have female reason, and can only befriend males. Feminists are angry about Steve Harvey’s reason for not having female friends.

Why Steve Harvey Doesn’t Have Female Friends

Steve Harvey believes that men only become friends with a woman when she has made it clear they will never be anything more. He says every man who claims to be a woman’s friend is actually just waiting and hoping for the opportunity to arise to smash her.

He says all men who befriend women wait to find the chink in their armor to try to slide in and make love to her. Like when friends hookup after a breakup for example. Steve Harvey admitted he is one of those guys, which is why he says he’s incapable of befriending females. He clarified that his wife is his only female friend.

Why Feminists are Mad About Steve Harvey Not Having Female Friends

On social media feminists are speaking out against Steve Harvey due to the way he marginalizes women with his comments. At the core of what Steve Harvey said is the ideal that women are objects of pleasure. In a way Steve Harvey is saying every man wants only pleasure from a woman, which makes it impossible to be friends with her. That can easily be perceived as a $exist comment.

The bright side of Steve Harvey said is it confirms that he values staying faithful to his wife. However, it doesn’t take away from valid gripes feminists see in his comments.

Is Steve Harvey keeping it real? Or is he keeping it $exist? Whatever the case maybe you can tell in the footage he knew what he said was going to cause backlash.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff