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People Think Fully Vaccinated Colin Powell Dying From COVID-19 Exposes How COVID Death Reporting Could Be Fraudulent

Sad news has hit the Political world, the fully vaccinated Colin Powell is dead at 84 years old, and his official cause of death is being called “Complications from COVID-19”. However, conspiracy theorists think there is a deeper meaning people are overlooking about the description of his cause of death.

Does Colin Powell’s Death Expose a Possibly Fraudulent COVID-19 Death Reporting System?

Colin Powell had a deadly form of blood cancer called multiple myeloma, that is considered incurable by some doctors. Reports say Colin Powell died from “COVID-19 complications”, because he had COVID at the time of his death. However, some people believe the reports should be saying he passed away from complications of his cancer.

As evidence conspiracy theorists look back at the footage below of Dr. Ngozi Ezike who is acting director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, explaining the issues about how COVID-19 deaths are counted by Hospitals. According to her statement Hospitals count a COVID-19 death as any person who had COVID at the time of their death, but didn’t necessarily die from COVID.

Dr. Ezike provided examples of how this strategy of counting COVID deaths can inflate the COVID death rate drastically. For example if someone was already on their death bed and given a few weeks to live from a previous injury or sickness, then contracted COVID the day before they died, the Hospital would say they died of COVID. Theoretically speaking if someone got in a car wreck, and the Hospital found out they had COVID at the time of their death, the Hospital could say they died of COVID.

Is it really right to say Colin Powell died of COVID-19 if he was battling a deadly form of blood cancer? It’s a tough question to answer from the outside looking in.

Stats show there have been over 700,000 deaths from COVID in the United States. However, when you look at how the COVID death rate is actually counted, in theory that 700,000 number might be inflated. How many people have actually died from COVID, and how many were from something coincidental? Do hospitals get incentives such as government aid to cover the cost of posthumous care for COVID related deaths?

RIP to the First Black US Secretary of State Colin Powell. Prayers up for his family.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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