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Details on Why American Idol Winner Samantha Diaz aka ‘Just Sam’ is Broke Struggling to Eat and Pay Rent

The music industry seems like a land of riches where everyone has more money they can imagine. However, throughout history the mainstream public has learned the struggles that most artists go through attempting to reach the pinnacles of success. The sad truth is that most artists eventually go broke for various reasons, and that includes American Idol winner Samantha Diaz aka Just Sam.

Details on Why American Idol Winner Samantha Diaz aka ‘Just Sam’ is Broke

During a recent heart to heart with her fans on Instagram Live, it was revealed that Samantha Diaz aka ‘Just Sam’ is broke. Her sad situation was the result of not understanding how cutthroat the music industry is, and also not having any guidance in how to navigate through it. Samantha Diaz aka Just Sam’s finances dwindled after she bought herself out her contract to go independent.

During her Instagram Live session Samantha Diaz explained she had to pay enormous amounts money to her former label just to claim ownership of songs he recorded with her voice. As an independent artist she learned that paying for her own music to be mix and mastered is very expensive, which made it unaffordable for her to make music consistently. She explained how paying to make music limits her ability to pay rent, and other living expenses.

Essentially Samantha Diaz is too broke to do what she loves after attempting to invest in herself to break free from scams that major music labels run on artists. Take a look at some clips from her IG live session that really conveyed how distressful her situation is.

In this video below Samantha Diaz aka ‘Just Sam’ reveals how tough it is for her to make music while being broke.

In this video below Samantha Diaz talks about how tough it is for her to pay rent, food expenses, and take care of her mental health while also trying to find money to make music. She conveyed how she thought things would be easy after winning American Idol Season 18, but she got a rude awakening.

For every artist the world sees that’s rich beyond their dreams, there’s hundreds of artists who are struggling after the music industry used them up and tossed them aside. Despite the fact that Samantha Diaz aka Just Sam is broke, it’s good to see she’s trying to remain positive amidst the emotional trauma. Let’s hope for the best in her life.

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