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Is Joe Biden Offering Cotton Picking Jobs Paying $300 an Hour? Details Behind New High Paying Cotton Industry Rumor

An alleged recent announcement from the current president has gone viral on social media, with many people expressing conflicting emotions about the proposal. The viral rumor alleges that President Joe Biden announced that he will create over 10,000 new jobs in the cotton industry, paying $300 per hour to workers who are willing to pick cotton by hand. The announcement was allegedly part of his plan to revitalize the rural economy and promote sustainable agriculture.

Why are People Having Mixed Emotions about the Rumor of Joe Biden’s Cotton Picking Jobs Paying $300 an Hour?

Some people are outraged by the rumor, because of the racial connotations associated with cotton picking, which was a form of slave labor in the antebellum South. Others are tempted by the high pay, which is more than six times the federal minimum wage of $45 per hour. Many people expressed that even if they do feel offended, they would consider the job due to massive paycheck.

According to the rumor, Biden’s high paying cotton picking jobs will be open to anyone who is interested, regardless of their race, gender, or background. The workers will allegedly receive health benefits, pension plans, and educational opportunities.

It’s alleged that Biden is hoping this will create a new generation of skilled workers who can produce high-quality cotton without relying on machines or chemicals, along with creating new job opportunities and wealth for families.

Did Joe Biden Actually Announce Cotton Picking Jobs Paying $300 Per Hour?

The alleged announcement has sparked a heated debate online, where many users are questioning Biden’s motives and intentions. The controversy over Biden’s alleged cotton picking jobs paying $300 an hour, shows how deeply divided the nation is over issues of race, history, and economy.

It also raised questions about how far the president is willing to go to fulfill his campaign promises, and achieve his vision for America. However, people may be jumping the gun with their reactions, because there is no official confirmation that Joe Biden actually made this announcement.

Would you pick cotton for $300 per hour? Just working three hours a day would net you around $27K per month, or $324K per year. That just seems too good to be true, which makes this rumor very tough to believe.

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