Prisoner With Pit Bull Pet Dog in Jail Cell Goes Viral

Throughout the years we all have seen prisoners have strange things behind bars. In most cases it was something small like TV, game system, fast food, or a social media account. However, now it appears prisoners can have pet dogs in their jail cell, or so it seems.

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A photo of a prisoner with a Pit Bull dog in his jail cell is going viral. In the picture a the prisoner smiles as his dog sits comfortably next to him. The picture has instantly become legendary around the internet as a true representation of how a dog can be man’s best friend even in the worst times.

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Prisoner With Pit Bull Pet Dog in Jail Cell Goes Viral

Presumably having a pet dog in prison would be a very stressful situation in terms of trying to take care of it properly. When it needs to use the bathroom, and you’re on lockdown hours what do you do? Sure you can clean its poop off the floor and flush it down the toilet, but what about when it urinates on the concrete floor? What happens when you run out of dog food? Considering how many hours out the day a prisoner is in their jail cell, is that really a healthy situation for the dog’s mental mind state? So many questions to be asked.

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From a psychological standpoint for the human, a prisoner having a pit bull in jail could keep them in good health mentally. It could also serve as protection from cellmates trying to attack you.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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