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16 Year Old Boy Takes Pfizer COVID Vaccine and Has Cardiac Arrest 6 Days Later

The potential side effects of COVID vaccine continues to be a controversial topic of discussion as more and more reports of adverse reactions are reported. The most deadly occurrences have all been related to heart conditions developing in previously healthy people. That trend continued with a 16 year old who had cardiac arrest after taking the Pfizer vaccine 1st dose.

According to reports from the Ministry of Health in Singapore, the 16 year old boy collapsed after lifting weights at the gym. He was diagnosed with cardiac arrest, and remains in critical condition. He had no known previous health conditions, which makes doctors believe it was directly related to the Pfizer vaccine he took just 6 days prior.

How Many People Have Died After a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Official VAERS reports from earlier this year state that 970 people have died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine shot. 495 of deaths occurred after people took a Moderna vaccine, and 475 occurred after taking Pfizer shot. Those numbers has probably increased since they are a few months old.

Scientists have confirmed that Pfizer vaccine can cause heart inflammation in rare cases, which could become fatal when heart muscle is put under stress such as workout. That could explain how a healthy 16 year old suffered cardiac arrest 6 days after taking Pfizer Vaccine.

Hopefully he can pull through.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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