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Did Woody Make Jessie Greet Black Kids at Disney World To Avoid a Racist Rapunzel Situation?

Recently videos have been going viral showing popular kid characters at Disney theme parks seemingly ignoring black children. For example the most notable video involved Rapunzel blatantly ignoring two black girls who just wanted to take a picture with her for seemingly no reason. With all the backlash Disney is receiving a person dressed up in a Woody costume wanted to make sure they didn’t get cancelled too.

Was Video Showing Woody Making Jessie Greet Black Kids at Disney World an Attempt To Avoid Another Racist Rapunzel Situation?

The viral footage shows the moment characters from Toy Story and The Incredibles were marching through Disney World in some type of parade. The character Jessie was on the other side of the area entertaining some people when Woody spotted two black kids across from them. Like the superhero he is Woody grabbed Jessie and made her run across the large area to hug the black kids in the most loving way possible.

People are convinced Disney World’s Woody made Jessie hug the black kids to avoid another racist Rapunzel situation that occurred at Disney Land, which you’ll see in one of the videos below. Take a look.

Here is the sad footage of the racist Rapunzel actor ignoring two black girls at Disney Land. Even when they chased after her, and called out her name she pretended like they didn’t exist. She even proceeded to greet more white kids right in front of them.

It seems obvious that Disney World had some type of meeting with their employees after Disney Land’s racist Rapunzel situation went viral on social media. Kudos to them for being proactive at making sure they create a healthy environment free from racism. Watching that racist person dressed as Rapunzel ignoring those two black children is still sad to see.