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Video Showing Leonna Hale Armed with Gun When Cops Shot Her Sparks Intense Political Warfare on Social Media

A few days ago a situation went viral that seemed to be a case of racist police shooting an unarmed pregnant black woman. In this situation the victim was a 26 year old pregnant black woman named Leonna Hale. Video of the incident showed Kansas police shot Leonna Hale 5 times then arrested her while she was bleeding on the ground. Many media outlets reported that she was unarmed, which naturally caused an uproar on social media. However, a recent photo paints a different picture than what was reported by these media outlets.

Conservative Andy Ngo Reacts to Photo Showing Leonna Hale Had Gun When Cops Shot Her

Kansas police released a picture that shows Leonna Hale was armed with a gun in her hand before cops shot her. The photos were taken from body camera footage, which also allegedly showed the gun in her hand. It’s alleged Leonna Hale pointed the gun at cops ignoring their commands to drop the weapon, which led to the shooting. Leonna Hale was charged with resisting arrest and possession of a firearm. Police initially engaged her, because she was suspected of carjacking.

Now the incident has spurred political warfare as conservatives are using the situation to paint the democratic media as liars who were eager to start controversy. Take a look at the photos and conservative writer Andy Ngo’s reaction to Leonna Hale having a gun.

From a neutral political standpoint it definitely seems like prominent democrats on social media jumped the gun by spreading a sensitive story without knowing all the details first, but that could be the affect of the society we live in today. Incidents of police shooting unarmed black people happens so often that naturally it’s easy to believe reports of foul play from cops before knowing the details.

With that said it could be considered unprofessional for media outlets to report on a situation based on non confirmed reports, because in the end they just gave ammo to people who already don’t take police brutality towards minorities seriously. Also this situation could have started dangerous riots before police were able to release the photos of Leonna Hale with a gun in her hand.

If you come to our website often then you probably know we try to report on political news in a non biased manner. We don’t take sides in politics, and report from an entirely humanistic perspective. For us the biggest take away from this situation is the fact that Leonna Hale is alive, and in stable condition. It’s also a bit strange that she put herself in a dangerous situation despite the fact that she has another human being growing inside her.

At the end of the day it’s really sad to see how conservatives and democrats are always at each other necks about real life situations like these, not everything needs to be political. Hopefully Leonna Hale makes a full recovery, and is able to give birth to a healthy baby.

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