When Ime Udoka got suspended for the entire 2022-2023 season just about everyone was shocked Boston Celtics opted for a suspension that long. Naturally the next questions were whether Celtics were racist for the extreme punishment, or if Ime Udoka did something that went deeper than just a consensual relationship with a staff member. Now we have confirmation via Matt Barnes that this situation is much deeper than him just cheating on Nia Long.

Matt Barnes Explains What Ime Udoka Really Did to Get Suspended an Entire Season and Why He Deleted His Posts About the Situation

Like most people Matt Barnes felt that Ime Udoka’s suspension was a bit harsh in terms of the length. That was coming from a man who was the victim in a cheating situation when he found out Derek Fisher was sleeping with his wife. However, today Matt Barnes deleted his posts regarding the situation then went on IG live to explain why he did. Apparently Matt Barnes knows what Ime Udoka really did, and it’s a lot worse than we all think, or so he claims.

In the Instagram Live footage Matt Barnes scolded himself for posting about the situation before knowing the facts. He then went on to say that today he learned the truth about why Ime Udoka was suspended for the entire season.

According to Matt Barnes the Ime Udoka cheating situation goes very deep within the Celtics organization, and he described it as “messy”. He then went on to say that he can’t condone what Ime did, which insinuates he’s implying the season long suspension is warranted. Take a listen.

The Most Viral Conspiracy Theory About What Ime Udoka Really Did to Get Suspended for 82 Games or Longer

Based on the Boston Celtics press conference regarding the situation they are refusing to say how deep this Ime Udoka cheating on Nia Long situation really goes. In the same breathe Matt Barnes is also refusing to spill the beans about the truth. Naturally this will lead to endless speculation for people on the outside looking in. The most common theory is that Ime Udoka slept with the wife of a Celtics staff member who also works for the Celtics. That would make the situation personal enough for an extreme response.

If that what’s happened it would make sense why he is suspended for so long, and why Matt Barnes is saying the situation is deeper than we think. If that’s not the case then what really happened? They continue to describe the relationship that went on as “consensual”, so unwanted intimate contact presumably can’t be involved.

For Nia Long’s sake hopefully the truth never comes out publicly.

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