As the news broke that Ime Udoka was suspended for the entire 2022-2023 season the reactions from reporters and on social media have been mixed. Some people feel Boston Celtics management is racist, while others like Matt Barnes who claim to know all the details say it was warranted. One of the opinions that has went the most viral was Stephen A. Smith insinuating that racism was involved in Celtics making the information go public. That led to a heated debate between him and Malika Andrews on First Take, and things got a bit testy.

Stephen A. Smith Arguing with Malika Andrews For Telling Him Stop on First Take Trends ‘It Ain’t Happening’

Stephen A. Smith was trying to explain why he felt that Boston Celtics were wrong for making this situation publicized. Malika Andrews was trying to say that he shouldn’t say that, because he doesn’t know all the details. As he was talking Malika Andrews interrupted him, and we all know he hates being interrupted. The other thing he seems to hate is people telling him what to do on his show, and apparently he felt she overstepped her boundaries by doing just that.

As you’ll see in the footage below after Malika Andrews tried to get a word in while he was talking Stephen A. Smith said, “Excuse me, I listened to you. You’re the one telling me to stop on my own show. It ain’t happening”. He said this with a fiery look in his eyes that seemed to convey she had really pushed a button that made him a bit mad.

Naturally the moment instantly went viral on social media.

It’s not often you see someone talking to Malika Andrews that way on Live TV, but Stephen A. Smith plays no games. It still hasn’t leaked yet exactly what Ime Udoka did that made his transgressions warrant a season long suspension, but as aforementioned Matt Barnes claims he found out, and he says it’s way deeper than we all think, so maybe Boston Celtics management isn’t racist for laying the hammer down in such drastic fashion.

However, the fact that it is being publicized could still be considered racist as Stephen A Smith is insinuating.

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