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Rondo Death Stares Kawhi: Rajon Rondo Almost Fights Kawhi Leonard After He Air Balls Game Tying Three Pointer in Game 5 to Lose

Did Kawhi Leonard rush his shot at the end of Game 5? It seems Rajon Rondo believes so, and he was visibly irate about it. Footage shows Rajon Rondo almost fighting Kawhi Leonard after he air balled a game tying three point shot. The incident happened as they were walking to the huddle for a timeout. The way Rondo death stares Kawhi Leonard was scary to see.

When Leonard caught the ball there was about 8 seconds on the shot clock, but he forced up a contested three about 1 second later. The shot was well defended by Dorian Finney-Smith, and seemed almost impossible to make. That’s probably why Rajon Rondo was angry at Kawhi. In fact you could see him making hand gesture signifying to him he should have held the ball longer for a better shot.

Here is Rajon Rondo mad at Kawhi Leonard with the crazy eyes going.

The thought of someone having Kawhi shook used to seem impossible, but all that has changed now. If there is one person he fears it’s probably Rajon Rondo. That fear might even serve as an extra boost of motivation going into Game 6. He definitely wouldn’t want to feel the wrath of Rondo after being a first round exit that had championship aspirations.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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