Ringside Angles of Kamaru Usman Knocking Out Jorge Masvidal After He Tried Taunting at UFC 261

Ringside angles of Kamaru Usman knocking out Jorge Masvidal after he taunted him in the second round at UFC 261 really convey how hard he got hit. It was another case of Masvidal getting way too over confident, and even he admitted it after the fight.

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Leading up to this fight Masvidal talked about how in the first match he only had 1 week to prepare on late notice. He called Usman overrated and promised he would win this fight since he had 1 month to prepare this time.

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In the end Kamara Usman had an even easier time dominating him in their rematch. Take a look a these ringside angles of Kamaru Usman knocking out Jorge Masvidal in spectacular fashion.

Here was the humbled Jorge Masvidal admitting Usman is the better fighter after the match.

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Jorge Masvidal claims he prepared for a wrestling match against Kamaru Usman. All the while Usman was preparing to show the world a different side of skills by using his punching skills most of the fight.

It just goes to show you need to prepare for the unexpected just as much as the expected. You would think a professional UFC fighter would realize this, but that’s what happens when you let over confidence cloud your judgement.

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Jorge Masvidal can only get better after this humbling lesson.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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