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DMX Brother Drag-On Got Kicked Out of DMX Funeral Service by Woman At the Entrance

DMX’s memorial service was attended by many of his closest friends, but one person who was like a brother to DMX wasn’t able to attend fully. A viral video shows the moment DMX’s brother Drag-On was kicked out DMX’s funeral service by a woman standing at the entrance.

Why Was Drag-On Kicked Out DMX’s Funeral?

Drag-On claimed that when he arrived at Barclays center they didn’t recognize him, which one person said was due to his facemask. Later on the video you can hear a woman asking Drag-On if he had a wrist band all guests were supposed to be wearing. At the point a heated argument ensued, which eventually led to Drag-On getting kicked out DMX’s funeral.

Drag-On wasn’t the only one of DMX closest friends who got into controversial situation during his funeral. His friend Jungle crashed DMX’s funeral during the portion where people were giving their last words. He insinuated that DMX’s family took him off the program, but never went into detail why.

It was sad to watch Drag-On getting kicked out DMX’s funeral, knowing he was basically a brother to him.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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