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Sha’Carri Richardson Curses Out Passenger on American Airlines Flight Before Being Kicked Off Plane in Viral Video

Sha’Carri Richardson, a Dallas native and US track star, was recently kicked off an American Airlines flight following an argument with a flight attendant. The 22-year-old shared a video on her Instagram profile and story in which she claims the male flight attendant was harassing her.

More Details About Sha’Carri Richardson Cursing out an American Airlines Passenger Before Getting Kicked Off the Plane

According to Richardson, the flight attendant asked her to get off a phone call, which she did before telling him that she didn’t like his tone. After that, he allegedly continued to lean over to look at her phone and demanded to see that it was in airplane mode. When Richardson began recording the flight attendant, he told her she couldn’t do so and accused her of harassment.

In the video, Richardson can be heard arguing with the flight attendant, and panning the camera to show him in the background. Other passengers then begin arguing with her as well, with one passenger accusing her of being selfish. This lead to Sha’Carri Richardson cursing out the passenger.

After that, someone approaches her and tells her the captain wants her off the plane. Richardson then asks why and if the flight attendant she was arguing with will be removed as well. When she is told no, she then gathers her belongings to leave the plane.

Richardson’s story has been met with a lot of support from the public, and has highlighted the importance of understanding the rights of passengers when it comes to recording on airplanes.

Her story also brings to light the racism, and sexism that can be found in the airline industry. In many cases, female passengers of color are often treated differently, or even unfairly when it comes to airline policies.

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