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No MAGA Hat and No Tie On Donald Trump Crying As Steps Off US Marine One Helicopter in Last Video As President

In 1hr 30 minutes the Donald Trump presidency is officially over, and his last video as president is making waves around social media. No MAGA Hat and No tie Donald Trump crying as he steps off US Marine One helicopter for the last time as President is going viral.

The sad looking Donald Trump had his tie off hanging around his neck and his MAGA Hat in hand as he waved goodbye to media in his last appearance as President of the United States. You could see it was an emotional moment for Donald Trump, who hardly ever showed any real emotions during his presidency.

Donald Trump crying during his tenure as President was something most people thought they would never see. He literally waited until is last hour to finally shed a tear. That shows how much he loved the power that came with being President, and also how much he hates the fact that it’s about to be all over.

It’s been a long 4 years for Trump, he did the impossible and became the first non politician to be President. His legacy is shaky, but that’s still incredible no matter how you slice it.

Now it’s time to see what Joe Biden can do for the American people.

Author: JordanThrilla

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