Woman in Dubai and a Porta Potty

Over the years we have heard some crazy things about what happens to some women when they go on trips to Dubai. These stories are usually revealed to us by the IG models themselves who aren’t ashamed to let people know the truth about those photos they post of completely paid trips to Dubai. This is at the core of the Dubai Porta Potty Twitter video that is trending worldwide.

Details on Why a Woman’s Dubai Porta Potty Twitter Video is Trending Worldwide

In the Dubai Porta Potty video viral on Twitter a woman from Ghana who didn’t reveal her name told the world that she is a high class prostitute. Recently she went on a paid trip to Dubai orchestrated by a very rich man who lived there. However, her experience was so horrific that she felt the world needed to hear her true story of what the trip was like.

The 22 year old woman landed in Dubai thinking she was in for a experience that would be like a nice vacation spending time with a rich man. However, what she went through could only describe as torture. She described how the man would force her to drink urine, and if she didn’t he would start fighting her. She detailed how she was forced to eat feces, and was sexually assaulted the entire time she was there. In return she was paid a whopping $40,000 for the experience that will leave her mentally scarred for life. The woman says her friends refer to her as a “Dubai porta potty”, since she was regularly ingesting the human waste of her handlers in Dubai.

Woman Are Forced to Give Top to Camels in Dubai

The things revealed in the Dubai Porta Potty Twitter video isn’t the first time we have heard of the nasty things IG models and prostitutes are forced to do when they go there on paid trips. Some time ago Willie D exposed how he found out that Instagram Models were giving top to Camels in Dubai in exchange for money.

Beach in Dubai

Why Do Arabs Humiliate IG Models and Prostitutes Such as in the Dubai Porta Potty Twitter Video?

When these IG models and prostitutes post pictures of themselves in Dubai it usually shows them on the beach enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery. However, the Dubai Porta Potty twitter video teaches us once again that usually this is all a facade to hide the dark twisted things they are doing to get a massive payday. Some rumors suggest that men from Dubai purposely humiliate these women as their form of protesting Western Culture.

It’s alleged that the real goal is to make the woman feel like complete trash, because that is what Arabs think of women in Western Culture. The things things such as what the Dubai Porta Potty woman went through was possibly not for sexual gratification, but rather for cultural gratification. It’s even rumored that some rich men in Dubai prepare for women’s arrival by eating a large meal that will make them poop more by having diarrhea.

The crazy thing is there are some IG models who claim they would go through that torture again due to the amount of money they made from enduring such as horrific experience. Is the money really worth risking your mental and physical health?

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