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Video Shows Best Buy Employees Use Cover 3 Defense to Stop iPhone Shoplifters From Leaving Store

Best Buy is most known for their robust selection of electronic items they sell, but over the past few years the braveness of their employees has ruled headlines. You probably remember some years ago when that video of a Best Buy employee tackling a robber went viral. Most people thought that couldn’t be topped, but three Best Buy employees managed to do just that in new footage going viral.

Security Camera Video Shows Best Buy Employees Use Cover 3 Defense to Stop Shoplifters From Leaving Stores

In most cases when shoplifters try robbing a store like Best Buy they don’t seem to spend much time thinking about their escape plan. In this situation it seems like the would be robbers thought they could snatch a few iPhones from the display stand in the cellphone section then just run out the store. However, they should have known that some Best Buy employees are willing to risk their lives to protect the store.

As you’ll see in the surveillance camera footage below three Best Buy employees blocked the shoplifters from leaving store by literally lining up to form a zone defense wall. It really looked like an NFL team setting up in Cover 3 defense. They all knew their positions almost like they practiced this beforehand. Surprisingly they didn’t seem afraid of the shoplifters having a weapon. Luckily it didn’t seem like they did, because their Cover 3 defense actually worked. The regular employees did all the work for Best Buy’s security team at that location.

While those Best Buy employees are brave, they all made a terrible decision. Those display iPhones the shoplifters tried to steal are usually covered by insurance specifically for situations like that. In addition the employees the run risk of getting fired for attempting to stop a robbery in progress. Most business will tell their employees never to intervene in situations like that in order to avoid potential lawsuits, or make the situation worse. Plus those shoplifters could have had a knife or gun on them.

Luckily everything went smoothly and those Best Buy employees are now internet famous. Other companies really need to get in contact with Best Buy, and learn the secrets of how they make their employees so loyal.

The Moral of this story can be best described by the saying ‘play stupid games win stupid prizes’. That’s just what those would be shoplifters got.

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