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Sharleen O'Banion Getting Interrogated After Sleeping With an Inmate Image Credit: YouTube

Detective’s Evidence in Video of Female Cop’s Interrogation After Sleeping with an Inmate Fuels Debate

A video showing a female cop named Sharleen O’Banion getting interrogated after sleeping with an inmate is going viral on social media. The police first began investigating her after they received a tip that she slept with an inmate in custody. O’Banion denied the accusations, but authorities discovered audio footage of her alleged acts with the inmate.

Why the Video Showing the Female Cop Interrogated after Sleeping With an Inmate is Trending

According to police, Sharleen O’Banion hooked up with an inmate named Jacob Parker, who is 28 years old. Parker was reportedly in jail for charges including possession of a firearm and resisting arrest, along with an open warrant for theft. It’s alleged O’Banion and Parker first started discussing intimate acts over the phone, during a time period when he was in jail.

O’Banion, however, maintained her innocence denying the allegations. In the viral interrogation video, detectives had around 400 calls on record between O’Banion and Parker. During the interrogation, they made her listen to a secretly recorded phone call, where she and Parker talked about their encounters and plans for the future. The detectives confronted O’Banion with the evidence and tried to make her confess.


The video of O’Banion’s interrogation has sparked outrage and criticism from the public. Many people have expressed their disbelief and disgust at O’Banion’s actions, and questioned her integrity as a law enforcement officer. Some have also called for a thorough investigation of the jail system and the supervision of inmates. Others were taken aback by the fact they were secretly recording some of her phone calls, because they felt that should be considered an invasion of privacy.

The case of Sharleen O’Banion and Jacob Parker is one of the most shocking and scandalous examples of police misconduct and inmate abuse in recent history. It exposes the fragile side of the criminal justice system, and the human frailties of those who work in it. It also raises questions about the ethics, accountability, and professionalism of law enforcement officers and how they should interact with inmates.

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