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Queen Elizabeth II Adrenochrome Illuminati Harvesting Conspiracy Theory Goes Viral After Her Passing

Back in 2020 a conspiracy theory began to circulate around the internet based on a drug called Adrenochrome, which is a chemical compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline, more specifically epinephrine. The drug was studied for over 20 years during 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but was found to have no official medical necessity. It was reported to be a potential cause of schizophrenia.

The conspiracy theory, which allegedly began on QAnon forums alleges that there may be people in elite society in terms of wealth that are extracting Adrenochrome harvested from the blood of children who were kidnapped. The elites who partake in the alleged satanic Illuminati ritual are allegedly hoping to attain eternal life in some form. With Queen Elizabeth II’s death ruling headlines a conspiracy theory surrounding her health, and Adrenochrome is going viral.

Details about the Queen Elizabeth II Adrenochrome Illuminati Blood Harvesting Conspiracy Theory Going Viral After Her Passing

Before Queen Elizabeth’s death was officially announced it was reported that she was very sick, and needed emergency medical supervision around the clock. Details were also released revealing that some of her family members and other close friends were rushing to be with her. Based on the conspiracy theory allegedly started by QAnon members, people theorize it’s possible that Queen Elizabeth II ran out of Adrenochrome that was being blood harvested from kidnapped children.

The human body produces Adrenochrome when you’re extremely scared, which is why people feel like they run faster when they are running from danger in comparison to normal circumstances. In that sense in theory it could give an older person more life. However, according to an NCBI study some of the side effects of Adrenochrome are similar to symptoms of severe hypertension, so in theory it could also shorten someone’s life, especially an older person. People were seen posting about the conspiracy theory on Gab, twitter, and Reddit.

Details about the Dr. Phil Adrenochrome Blood Harvesting Conspiracy Episode

Adrenochrome conspiracy theories have become a prominent part of internet culture over the past few years. Even before Queen Elizabeth’s untimely death, the ideas surrounding the alleged satanic Illuminati ritual had entered into mainstream culture. As example Dr. Phil did an episode focused on a woman who claimed her daughter was kidnapped to be blood harvested for the drug. The woman claimed she did extensive research before concluding her daughter was abducted for Adrenochrome.

Despite there being a real world Dr. Phil documented instance of woman who generally felt her daughter was kidnapped to be used in drug rituals, the Queen Elizabeth II adrenochrome conspiracy theory just seems a bit too far fetched, but who really knows. With the amount of wealth she had in theory she could have gotten away with doing something like that. However, according to NCBI adrenochrome increases heart rate, cholesterol uptake, and causes other negative atherogenic changes, which makes it seem like something that would have been detrimental to her health in the long term.

When is Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral, and Will Joe Biden Attend?

The Queen’s funeral will reportedly be held at Westminister Abbey, and will have nationwide moment of silence around 11 am on the date of the service. According to Nikki Schwab it has been confirmed that Joe Biden will attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. She allegedly spoke with him after the DNC event on Thursday night.

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