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Arsonist Attack Causes Beyonce and Jay Z to List New Orleans Mansion For Sale

Back in July Hip-Hop’s most powerful couple Jay Z and Beyonce were targets of an arsonist attack that left their sprawling New Orleans mansion burning in flames. It took valiant efforts from a team of almost 30 firefighters to quell the flames, and make sure no one was injured.

Back then a witness claimed to see the arsonist attacker running from Beyonce and Jay Z’s mansion. When police investigated the aftermath they discovered flame accelerants and books inside the ovens of the home were used to make sure the fire spread rapidly, which indicated it was indeed arson.

How Much are Jay Z and Beyonce Selling Their New Orleans Mansion For?

For most people a situation like this would be deemed a total loss, but given the incredible business acumen of both Jay Z and Beyonce, they are trying to make bank off the situation. According to reports Jay Z and Beyonce have listed their New Orleans Mansion for sale after completing a renovation process.

The massive 13,000 square foot mansion allegedly has seven rooms along with eight bathrooms, so there is more than enough space for a small or large family. Jay Z and Beyonce allegedly want $4.45 Million for their New Orleans Mansion.

For many people living in the same rooms, and using the same bathrooms that Bey and Jay were using is like a dream come true. They shouldn’t have a hard time selling that home.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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