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Camron’s Hilarious Story Comparing Russell Wilson to Just Blaze Goes Viral

Rapper Camron recently shared his thoughts on the relationship between former Seattle Seahawks teammates Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson, and compared it to his own experience with producer Just Blaze. Camron made the comments on his show ‘It Is What It Is’ with Mase, where he discussed the latest episode of Club Shay Shay, a podcast hosted by NFL legend Shannon Sharpe.

Why Cam’ron Compared Just Blaze and Russell Wilson

On Club Shay Shay, Lynch revealed that he and Wilson did not have a close bond, and that Wilson did not share his phone number with his teammates. Lynch said that he wanted to call Wilson after he had a bad game, but he could not get his number. Instead, Wilson called him from a blocked private number, and thanked him for his support.

Lynch also said that he did not agree with the decision to pass the ball at the one-yard line in the Super Bowl XLIX against the New England Patriots, which resulted in an interception and a loss for the Seahawks. Lynch said that he felt that he should have gotten the ball, and that he did not understand why Wilson did not audible out of the play.

Camron said that he could relate to Lynch’s frustration, and that he felt that Wilson was not a “n***a n***a”, meaning that he is only black because of the color of his skin, but he is not truly down with the black community. Camron said that he had a similar issue with Just Blaze, who produced some of his biggest hits, such as “Oh Boy” and “I Really Mean It”.

Camron said that Just Blaze had a beat that was sitting in the studio for two months, and nobody used it. He said that Juelz Santana convinced him to steal the beat and make a song. Camron said that after they put out the song, Just Blaze came up to him, and complained that they would face legal issues, because they did not clear the sample before they put it out. Camron also said that Just Blaze told him that Jay-Z was mad at him for not giving him the beat.

Camron said that he did not care about the publishing or the sample clearance, and that he just wanted to make a hit song. He said that he asked Just Blaze if he wanted to be a hit producer, and Just Blaze said that his dream was to work on Wall Street. Camron said that he was shocked by Just Blaze’s answer, and mimicked how Just Blaze allegedly talked during the incident.

Camron said that he compared Wilson and Just Blaze because they both acted like they were not part of the culture, and they did not respect their teammates or collaborators. He said that they are both considered “Ivy League” in his book.

Camron’s comparison of Russell Wilson and Just Blaze has sparked a lot of reactions on social media, with many people finding it hilarious and absurd. Some fans have defended Wilson and Just Blaze, saying that they are both successful and talented in their fields, and that they do not have to conform to any stereotypes or expectations. Others have agreed with Camron, saying that Wilson and Just Blaze are both corny and fake, and that they have betrayed their roots.

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