There’s no doubt that hip-hop music might be the most controversial popular genre of music that exists today. The topics of $ex, drugs, murder, and general disrespect of females is at that core of a large majority of the songs that people listen to most. The opinions on how it impacts the worlds varies greatly based on a person’s age and religious beliefs. One group that is speaking out against it is the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Here’s Why Black Hebrew Israelites Condemned Playboi Carti’s Music Lyrics While Discussing Mind Control Conspiracy Theory

Playboi Carti makes some of the most unique genre bending rap music in the game. However, the content matter of his lyrics remains roughly the same as other hip-hop artists. Naturally this makes him a popular target of people who strongly uphold values of religion, and also believe conspiracy theories about why negative hip-hop music is promoted most. The Black Hebrew Israelites have been getting more attention than ever recently due to the controversial situation involving Kyrie Irving’s tweet about the documentary “Hebrew to Negroes: Wake Up Black America”.

Often time this religious group takes to the streets to preach about things they feel need to be changed in society. Viral footage captured a recent demonstration where they tried to convinced a Playboi Carti fan that his music was being used a brainwashing tool. The Black Hebrew Israelites cited lyrics from Playboi Carti’s songs that are demeaning to women, and asked the fan if he agrees with how he talks about women. The fan quickly said no, which led to a question of why he listens to the music. The Black Hebrew Israelite insinuated that the powers that be are using the negative topics in rap music to program people’s minds.

For some people music is just a form of entertainment, which is why many people ignore the subject matter of a song as long as it sounds good from a melody standpoint. However, it is strange how hip-hop music that promotes positive uplifting subject matters are usually the songs that sell the least in terms of mainstream consumption.

The Black Hebrew Israelites in the video believe that rap music is being used as a form of mind control, which actually aligns with some of the same things Record executive Robert Starbuck explained in a viral video from a few weeks ago.

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