It’s no secret that hip-hop artists are dying an at alarming rate, especially in comparison to other genres of music. Throughout the years many people have been trying to figure out why there is so much death and despair in a music genre that was once all about promoting positive things in its beginnings. With Takeoff’s death adding to long list of young black rap artists who were murdered, a record executive is speaking out and exposing why he believes these type of situations keep happening.

Details on How Record Executive Robert Starbuck Exposed the Rap Industry after Migos Takeoff’s Murder

Robert Starbuck is a record executive who claims to have worked with big name hip-hop artists such as Gucci Mane. He no longer works in rap industry due to his political beliefs, but in wake of Takeoff’s death he decided to speak out, and reveal the truth about why rappers keep dying. According to his statement the root of the issue is actually the higher ups in the rap industry aka other executives.

Robert Starbuck claims that record executives in the hip-hop industry are purposely promoting a culture that leads to an obsession with death, drugs, and $ex. His statement is easy to understand when you think about the fact that 99% of hip-hop music glorifies those three things. In his opinion this leads to a toxic culture that holds the black community back, and leads to black on black on crime. He wants people to notice that record executives never push this type of culture onto their own kind. Interestingly enough this is one of things Kanye West has been talking about in his recent rants that sparked controversy.

Robert Starbuck claims that the image most rappers portray to the public is a façade that the record executives promote. He challenged them to step up to the plate, and start being who they are behind closed doors to bring about a positive change to the current state of the rap industry.

While it sounds like it might be easy to do, when you look at record sales the current rappers who make positive music usually they are also the artists the sell the least records. When you take that into account it could mean that we as consumers of rap music have been brainwashed. In turn real change can’t really come until the consumer loses interest in the hip-hop music that glorifies death, drugs, and $ex.

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