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Video of Rapper Fat Trel Calling Him ‘King of Northeast’ After Getting Released From Prison in 2021 Goes Viral

It’s been 5 years since Fat Trel was sent to prison, and he’s finally free again. A viral video captured the moment Fat Trel was released from prison in 2021, and tasted freedom after 5 long years behind bars. He looks happier than ever.

What Did Fat Trel Go to Prison For?

Fat Trel’s stint in prison started in 2016 when he was arrested in Maryland for trying to use counterfeit money at Maryland Live Casino. Then in 2018 during a traffic stop police discovered he was driving without a license, and found a gun and ammo inside his car.

Now Fat Trel is a free man, and he’s talking that talk. In the viral video of Fat Trel walking out prison in 2021 he said,

“The King of Northeast is back.”

That’s a very bold statement that someone only as confident and respected as Fat Trel can make while walking out of prison.

Fat Trel Got Early Release on a Plea Deal

Fat Trel released from prison in 2021 was the result of a plea deal he took in 2018. After the weapons charges stemming from the Traffic stop he was facing a 10 year bid. However, a District Judge named Paula Xinis reduced his sentence to two years, and along with three years of parole.

All Fat Trel has to do now is honor the conditions of his supervised release, and he will remain a free man. Hopefully he can stay out of trouble.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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