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Lil Reese Pulls Semi Automatic Gun on Tekashi 6IX9INE on IG Live Threatening Him After He Dissed King Von Death

Lil Reese may have let Tekashi69 know that things are about to get real due to his trash talking. During a recent IG Live session Lil Reese pulled a semi-automatic gun on Tekashi 6IX9INE after he diss King Von’s death. Before Lil Reese pulled out the gun, Tekashi69 said King Von can “rest in piss”.

Tekashi 6IX9INE reacted to Lil Reese pulling a gun on him by saying “put that away, because you sh***** on yourself”. A few months ago Tekashi posted that video where the self defecation happened. That situation led to Lil Reese turning off his IG comments, because people were clowning him.

Take a look at Lil Reese aiming a gun at Tekashi 6IX9INE on IG live for disrespecting King Von death.

Hopefully Lil Reese knows that FEDS are probably monitoring any Instagram Live sessions Tekashi 6IX9INE does. If that gun is real, they could come knocking at his door very soon to investigate how he acquired it.

All in all it looks like Tekashi69 is still making other rappers do stupid things on video by being super disrespectful. He really knows how to push people’s buttons.

What Lil Reese did is exactly the type of thing Lil Durk said he doesn’t do anymore so he doesn’t get caught up with the law.

Author: JordanThrilla

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