OhGeesy might be feeling very lucky today after the hectic ordeal he got caught up in. During his recent show tempers flared, which led to a dangerous situation that could have ended up deadly for OhGeesy. Luckily he reportedly escaped relatively unscathed.

Was Someone Shooting at OhGeesy in Fight Video?

Trending footage shows what appears to be Ohgeesy fighting with a group of people after his performance. Judging from what was going down it seemed like OhGeeesy’s crew was jumping an individual. Soon after several shots rang out sending people fleeing in every direction. According to reports Ohgeesy was not hit, and it hasn’t been confirmed if he was the target of the shooter.


In recent years situations like these have turned out bad for the rappers involved. It’s sad seeing the same things that cause these types of altercations happening over and over again.

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