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Is T.I. Going to Jail? Tiny and TI Sexual Abuse Accuser Hires High Profile Lawyer Lisa Bloom to Represent Her

Is T.I. going to jail? In a major development one of the women accusing Tiny and TI of sexual abuse has hired high profile lawyer Lisa Bloom to represent her. Lisa Bloom is a trial lawyer fighting for victims of discrimination, harassment and abuse.

Lisa Bloom commented on the human sex trafficking and sexual abuse claims against Tiny and TI, saying “Good lord so many accusers, and now I represent one of them”.

Last week Tiny and TI were accused of human sex trafficking by 15 different women. The allegations came by way of Sabrina Peterson’s “The Glam University” Instagram account after she exposed T.I. of abusing her.

Take a look at the posts from Lisa Bloom about her now working to convict Tiny and TI.

Before Tiny and TI’s sexual abuse accuser hired Lisa Bloom a lot went down. To help put things in perspective here is a time line of events.

  • On January 28th Sabrina Peterson posted the stories from women accusing Tiny and TI of sexual abuse and human trafficking. You can read all those stories here.
  • On January 29th T.I. released an 8 minute video responded to the claims insinuating the stories were fabricated. You can see that video here.
  • On January 30th T.I. posted alleged text messages from the one of the accusers, where they admitted they made up the stories. Those text messages were posted online by strange source, before TI reposted them on his Twitter account. You can see them here.
  • On January 30th Sabrina Peterson posted a video of her taking a lie detector test in response to T.I. trying to say she was lying. You can see that video here.

That brings this situation to this point where the high profile lawyer Lisa Bloom is now working on the sexual abuse and human trafficking case against Tiny and TI. This could very well end up with Tiny and T.I. going to jail for a very long time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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