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Sabrina Peterson Takes Lie Detector Test To Prove She is Telling Truth about TI Putting Gun to Her Head in 2007

Sabrina Peterson has responded to TI accusing her of lying. In the most recent development of this legal battle Sabrina Peterson took a lie detector test to prove TI put a gun to her head in 2007. Sabrina Peterson accused T.I. of victim shaming her as well.

She recorded a video of the lie detector test and posted the results. It appears Sabrina Peterson paid $650 to Global Polygraph Security to conduct the test under professional supervision. She included her receipt as proof of that.

Yesterday TI posted two different things that insinuated Sabrina Peterson was fabricating the sexual abuse allegations and also the gun incident. The first was an 8 minute video. The second was alleged leaked text messages from one of Sabrina Peterson’s victims accusing Tiny and TI of sexual abuse.

One strange thing about this lie detector test Sabrina Peterson took is that she didn’t answer any questions about the validity of the messages she posted from women who allegedly were victims of Tiny and TI. In essence this polygraph test only potentially confirms T.I. put a gun to her head, but not that the women’s stories posted on her IG are real.

Either way this situation isn’t looking good for TI.

Author: JordanThrilla