The TikTok #sillhouettechallenge is going viral as woman and men show off their silhouettes to a Paul Anka song with a twist all around the world.

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The Silhouette Challenge starts off by playing the Paul Anka song “Put your head on my shoulder”. From there people on Twitter and TikTok either took the challenge serious and posted steamy silhouette vibes, or took the Rick Rolled route and caught their followers off guard.

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That may seem confusing, but after watching the Silhouette Challenge videos below, it will begin to make more sense.

As you can see the hashtag #sillhouettechallenge comes in many varieties. Some women slowed down the Paul Anka “Put your head on my shoulders” song turning it into a romantically hot moment. Others changed the song completely going for a hilarious vibe to display their “silhouette”.

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The #sillhouettechallenge isn’t as straight forward as the #BussItChallenge, but it is much funnier. So far 2021 seems like the year of social media challenge trends.

Author: JordanThrilla

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