Robber Caught Kash Doll Making Huge Mistake Leading to $500,000 Worth Jewelry Getting Stolen

Kash Doll is probably beating herself up after she made a huge mistake, which led to her losing a fortune in jewerly. Earlier today reports came in that Kash Doll was robbed of $500K worth of Jewelry while shooting a music video in San Fernando Valley.

The robbers were easily able to get her jewelry, because Kash Doll left her car doors unlocked. Unless this was an insurance scam it might be probably one of dumbest mistakes she has ever made. One of the items stolen of a $50K Louis Vuitton Box, which you can see in the video below from 1 week ago.

Everyone knows that should never leave expensive items in a parked car for long periods of time, and you should also never leave your doors unlocked. Kash Doll probably let her guard down, because she felt the area was safe, but thieves are always waiting for the moment to catch you lacking.

Hopefully she can eventually find who stole her jewelry and recover it.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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