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Is P Diddy About to Get Me Too’d by More Women? ‘Trigger Warning’ in Cassie’s Lawsuit Alleging P Diddy Drugged and Assaulted Her Trends after 35 Pages Leaked from Court Documents

The internet is buzzing with the shocking allegations made by singer and model Cassandra Ventura, better known as Cassie, against her former boyfriend and music mogul Sean Combs, aka P Diddy. Cassie filed a lawsuit against P Diddy in October, allegedly accusing him of intimate assault, battery, false imprisonment, and infliction of emotional distress, among other charges. The lawsuit also alleges that P Diddy introduced Cassie to drugs and controlled her career and personal life for over a decade.

The First Encounter and the Trigger Warning

At the top of the Cassie lawsuit is a trigger warning message that reads “Trigger warning: this document contains highly graphic information of a physical nature, including intimate assault”. The lawsuit begins by recounting how Cassie and P Diddy met in 2005, when she was 19 and he was 37. Cassie was an aspiring singer who had just released a single, which caught the attention of P Diddy. He offered to sign her to his label, Bad Boy Records, and mentor her in the music industry.

At the time, Cassie was in a relationship with another man, and P Diddy was in a relationship with Kim Porter, the mother of three of his children.

The lawsuit alleges that on Cassie’s 21st birthday, in August 2006, P Diddy pulled her into a bathroom and forcibly kissed her, while she resisted and cried. This was allegedly their first physical encounter, which marked the beginning of a long and abusive relationship.

Did P Diddy Drug Cassie?

The lawsuit alleges that P Diddy continued to pursue Cassie after the incident, and used his power and influence to manipulate her. In September 2007, P Diddy allegedly picked Cassie up from her apartment and gave her a pill, which she later found out was ecstasy, or MDMA. The lawsuit seems to insinuate that P Diddy drugged Cassie without her consent and knowledge, and took advantage of her altered state of mind.

The Fake Party

The lawsuit also alleges that in late 2007, P Diddy had his promoter create a fake flyer for a party in Miami that Cassie would host. The flyer was circulated online and in the media, creating the impression that Cassie was hosting a big event in Miami. However, the lawsuit claims that there was no party, and that P Diddy was trying to get Cassie to go to Miami with him, away from her boyfriend.

During that trip, they allegedly had their first very intimate encounter that went beyond a kiss, which was fueled by drugs. The lawsuit alleges that P Diddy introduced Cassie to opiates by 2008, and would have drugs lying around like candy. The lawsuit also alleges that P Diddy himself is addicted to pain killers and ecstasy. Essentially it’s implying a drug addict turned Cassie into a drug addict.

The Medical Records

The lawsuit alleges that P Diddy was not only controlling Cassie’s drug use, but also her medical records. The lawsuit claims that P Diddy, would have her medical test results sent directly to his email address. For example, when Cassie was experiencing memory loss, which was allegedly related to drug use and beatings, the results of her neurological exam were sent to P Diddy’s email.

Did P Diddy Rape Cassie?

The lawsuit also details an alleged incident that took place in 2018. According to the document in 2018 P Diddy forced his way into Cassie’s home, and allegedly intimately assaulted her.

The trigger warning on Cassie’s lawsuit against P Diddy is definitely warranted, based on the allegations. The lawsuit paints a picture of the dark web that Cassie was caught in for all these years, while she put on a smile for the public.

Will P Diddy Get Me Too’d Now that Cassie Exposed Him?

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for the physical, emotional, and financial harm that Cassie suffered at the hands of P Diddy. It also aims to expose the truth about their relationship, and to inspire other victims of abuse to speak up and seek justice. However, P Diddy is allegedly claiming that lawsuit is the result of a failed extortion attempt for $30 million.