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NBA 2K24 MyCareer MyPlayer Face Scan With Black n Mild Blunt in His Mouth Goes Viral

A NBA 2K24 player has created a MyCareer character that has a Black & Mild blunt in his mouth, sparking speculation and amusement among the gaming community. A picture of the cigar smoking MyPlayer was posted on social media with the caption “bruh, put the black n mild down before you do your NBA 2K scan”. The image quickly went viral, attracting thousands of likes, retweets, and comments.

The MyCareer mode in NBA 2K24 allows players to create and customize their own characters, who start as rookies and progress through their basketball careers. One of the features of this mode is the face scan, which uses a smartphone app to capture the player’s facial features and transfer them to the game. The face scan is supposed to create a realistic and accurate representation of the player’s appearance, but sometimes it can produce hilarious or horrifying results.

Considering how the app works, the player was possibly smoking a Black n’ Mild blunt while he was doing his 2K face scan, and he forgot to take it out of his mouth. 2K’s algorithm likely thought that the cigar was part of his face, and thus included it in his character’s model. Of course the player was surprised and amused when he saw his character in the game, and decided to share it with his followers, who then shared it with their friends.

Some people have doubted his story, and suggested that he may have edited the image, or used a mod to add the cigar to his character. That could be possible if that image was taken from the PC version of NBA 2k24.

An NBA 2k24 MyCareer MyPlayer with a Black and Mild Blunt in His Mouth
An NBA 2k24 MyCareer MyPlayer with a Black and Mild Blunt in His Mouth

The Black and Mild blunt is a machine-made pipe tobacco cigar made by John Middleton Co., located in Limerick, Pennsylvania. It is available in various flavors such as cherry, chocolate, peach, vanilla, and orange. It is sold with a plastic or wood tip, and has been around since the 1960s. Some people prefer to smoke them over cigarettes, because they believe they are less harmful or addictive, but this is not true according to health experts.

Imagine getting dunked on by a MyPlayer that’s permanently smoking a Black n Mild cigar, that would be hilarious.

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