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Is August Alsina Really Gay? Conspiracy Theory Trends after August Alsina’s ‘Boyfriend’ Reveal on ‘The Surreal Life’

2022 has been a year of surprises, and the trend continued during a recent episode of “The Surreal Life”. Apparently August Alsina went from dating Will Smith’s wife, to dating someone’s son, or so it seems. There was a bit of vagueness in his choice of words while seemingly coming out the closet, which has left a lot of people asking questions as whether or not August Alsina is gay.

Did August Alsina Come out the Closet? Details Behind the Conspiracy Theories Explaining Why He Might Not Have

During the episode in question August Alsina introduced his boyfriend, stating that he found love in a new unexpected place. However, he never actually said he was gay, and people also believe he seemed to be slightly insinuating that the person might be a family member such as his brother. In addition he also technically didn’t refer to other person as his “boyfriend”, people just inferred he was. Does this mean August Alsina is gay, or was the scene misleading by design just to raise viewership on the next episode? As you’ll see in the social media reactions there are many conspiracy theories as to what took place in the footage below.



If August Alsina truly did reveal his boyfriend it makes you wonder how long he had feelings towards men. Did he have the attraction hidden within him while he was dating Jada Pinkett Smith?

Overall it seems social media has been very supportive albeit shocked about the new development in his life, but it seems like there’s chance the scene was meant to be misleading, and he not have really come out the closet.

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