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Lil Boosie’s Crew Beats Up a White Man Who Tried Racist Prank Inside Walmart Store

When you’re planning to prank someone you always have to take into account that things could go left depending on how the person reacts to being caught off guard. That’s especially true if you’re crazy enough to try a prank that would be offensive under normal circumstances.

Why Did Lil Boosie’s Crew Fight a White Man Who Tried to Prank Him at Walmart?

A viral video shows the chaos that ensued after a white man attempted pranking Lil Boosie in Walmart with dialogue that contained racist undertones. In the video the man called Lil Boosie “boy” then said he said he’s the “real bada**”. A white person calling a black man a “boy” has racial connotations that date back to slavery. Naturally Lil Boosie wasn’t happy about feeling disrespected, and apparently his people let their hands fly. As you’ll see someone from Lil Boosie’s crew punched the white man in his face for the racist prank.

It’s hard to gauge whether the person doing the prank wanted Boosie to react the way he did, or if he was surprised at the punches he received.

It’s tough to believe he didn’t know calling him “boy” would lead to a fight of some kind. Some people even think the footage might be staged. Whatever the case may be someone went home with a swollen jaw.

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