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Rapper Cam Coldheart Dead: Man DaBaby Beat Up In Gucci Store Named Cam Coldheart Dies From Alleged Drug Overdose

Another tragic death has happened in the hip hop world. Reports are coming in that Cam Coldheart is dead at 31 years old. Many people will remember him from viral video where DaBaby beat up Cam Coldheart in a Gucci store fight.

There was controversy surrounding Cam Coldheart’s fight with DaBaby, because the footage only showed how it began and the aftermath. He was talking trash about the DaBaby then there was footage of Cam Coldheart knocked out on the floor in the Gucci Store.

This led some people to believe that he was actually jumped, and didn’t actually lose a one on one altercation. Also Cam Coldheart came out later claiming that he DaBaby paid him to get beat up on camera. That fight kind of helped Cam Coldheart gain some popularity towards his music.

What Was Cam Coldheart Cause of Death?

Rumors are saying Cam Coldheart died of a drug overdose. It hasn’t been confirmed what type of drugs Cam Coldheart used at the time of his death. Hopefully it’s not another case of Fentanyl being unknowingly laced in his drugs like what happened to DMX.

This has been a very tragic past fews for hiphop. RIP Cam Coldheart.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff