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Lil Boosie Cancels Collab Album with T.I. in Reaction to Him Admitting He Snitched on His Dead Cousin

Rapper Lil Boosie recently caused a stir when he announced that he had cancelled his upcoming collaborative album with fellow rapper T.I., claiming that TI had snitched on his dead cousin. In a recent VladTV interview, Lil Boosie expressed shock that T.I. had allegedly admitted to snitching on his dead cousin, especially considering the fact that the two had a professional relationship, with a collaborative album on the way.

The incident began when T.I. was interviewed on a podcast, during which he was asked about incidents from his past. When asked about his involvement with his cousin’s gun case, TI seemingly admitted that he had testified against the accused. When asked why he had done so, TI claimed he had been trying to protect himself from prosecution, and that his cousin had given him the okay to snitch on him.

The news of TI’s admission and Lil Boosie’s decision not to release the collaborative album caused a stir on social media, with many supporting Lil Boosie’s decision and condemning TI. Some argued that T.I. had betrayed his own family and was not fit to be hailed as the “King of the South”. Others argued that TI had done what was necessary to protect himself, and that Lil Boosie’s reaction was hypocritical given his own history with the law. Some people claim it’s not considered snitching when the other person isn’t alive, and also gave the okay to give FEDS information that implicates them.

Firstly take a listen to T.I. seemingly admitting he snitched on his dead cousin.

The news quickly spread to Lil Boosie, who was angered by TI’s admission.

Whatever one’s opinion of the situation, it cannot be denied that Lil Boosie’s decision to cancel the collaborative album with TI has caused a stir and made it clear that loyalty amongst peers, even in the rap industry, is something that is taken seriously. This incident has highlighted the importance of loyalty in friendships and professional relationships, as well as the need for everyone to be aware of the consequences of their actions.