Who Is the 6'10" Wonder Woman Hooping With Master P?

Most men end up dating a woman who is shorter than them. Most times this is because women prefer the man to be taller, and some men are intimidated by a taller woman. However, a lot of men know that deep down that there just something about tall amazon like woman. As example a 6’10” Wonder woman playing basketball with Master P in a gym is going viral.

Master P captioned the original video saying, “If you ain’t never had a stallion you don’t know what your missing. If you seen the movie Wonder Woman this is what a beautiful 6’10 woman look like that can ball”. The question of “Who is the 6’10” wonder woman with Master P” quickly went viral.

The only disappointing thing about that video is the 6’10” wonder woman didn’t show off her basketball skills. Perhaps she didn’t want to embarrass the old Master P.

However, Master P showed he is still raining jumpers like a young man.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff