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5000 Block Benning Road Washington DC Shooting Looks Like a Movie Shootout Scene in Broad Daylight

A Benning Road Washington DC shooting looks like a shootout you would only see in a movie scene. Police are looking for three people who were caught on security camera footage firing off multiple shots.

The footage begins showing the first shooter riding a children’s bike to a gas station to get some water. Although things look peaceful it went from 0 to 100 real quick. As this man exits the gas station a car with tinted windows pulls up. The man on the children’s bike quickly pulls out a gun and begins firing at the car.

Interestingly it seems like the people inside the car weren’t hit, because they got out the car and returned fire. One of the people went to search for the person that was on the bike. The shooting took place on April 8th, and all the people involved are still at large.

All three persons of interested are wanted on charges of Assault with a deadly weapon and Assault on a police officer. A shooting happening on the 5000 Block of Benning Road in DC isn’t surprising, because people there know how cutthroat that area can be.

Hopefully no innocent bystanders were injured or killed during that shooting.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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