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Ed Matthews Loses Bet Involving His Girlfriend After Blueface Knocked Him Out Boxing in Balenciaga Shoes

Blueface Boxing in Balenciaga Sneakers was Fashion First

If you thought Blueface was just a rapper, think again. The 26-year-old star proved he has some serious skills in the ring when he faced off against TikTok sensation Ed Matthews in a celebrity boxing match. Not only did he win by a TKO, but he also did it in style, wearing a pair of Balenciaga shoes that cost more than $1,000. Kingpyn recently released the Blueface vs Ed Matthews full fight video on YouTube, which has the moment trending again.

The match was scheduled for five rounds, but Blueface ended it in the fourth, after dominating Matthews with his reach and power. He dropped Matthews in the second round with a body shot, and then finished him off with a barrage of punches that forced the referee to stop the fight later on. He was swinging wildly with his punches, but Matthews was doing the same with much less accuracy.

What made Blueface’s performance even more impressive was his choice of footwear. He wore a pair of Balenciaga Track sneakers, which are known for their chunky design and hefty price tag. The shoes retail for $1,090 on Balenciaga’s website, and are described as “a mix of running and hiking codes”. The shoes are horrible for boxing, but even when it looked like his toes were going to rip through the sneakers, he was throwing haymakers with ease.

Ed Matthews Bet His Girlfriend on Winning the Fight

Boxing is one the most popular sports to bet on, because it’s always a one on one ordeal. Ed Matthews took his betting to whole new level, when he put his girlfriend on the line before the match. If he lost it would mean Blueface could take his girlfriend back to California with him. He made sure to remind Ed Matthews he lost the bet during his post fight interview saying, “Ed, your girl is coming back to California with us. You already put her on the line”. Take a listen.

Blueface showed that he had been working on his defense during the fight, as he dodged many of Matthews’ punches and used his head movement to avoid getting hit. He proved once again that he can do more than rap, and showed he can knockout someone in style, wearing Balenciaga shoes that most people would not dare to wear during a boxing match.

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