Does Leaked Kevin Samuels Child Support Court Documents Expose His Ex-Wife Was Supporting Him Financially Before The Divorce?

Internet investigators have leaked Kevin Samuels legal documents that may show his background isn’t what he makes the world believe. The leaked Kevin Samuels court documents come from the child support computation he and his ex-wife did to figure how much child support would be paid. What it shows has left people speechless.

The court documents in question show that Kevin Samuels ex-wife was probably the head of the household. He wasn’t supporting her, rather Kevin Samuels ex-wife was supporting him financially if you judge based on the numbers cited in this legal document. Kevin Samuels ex-wife was making almost 4 times as much as him every month. Considering that Kevin Samuels preaches that high value men are bread winners in the relationships, this seems to be more proof his true life is or was the complete opposite.

The child support documents show Kevin Samuels monthly gross income was $898, while his wife’s monthly income was $2,448. His wife was bringing in 73.3% of the income every month. It’s easy to figure who was probably paying most of the bills.

Is this another episode of Kevin Samuels not practicing what he preaches? Or is there more to these documents than meets the eye? Take a look.

Does Leaked Kevin Samuels Child Support Court Documents Expose His Ex-Wife Was Supporting Him Financially Before The Divorce?

This is an example of a video where Kevin Samuels talks about men leading relationships with their wallet. Low and behold these leaked court documents show Kevin Samuels’ Ex wife was leading him with her wallet.

In recent weeks more and more information about Kevin Samuels’ past has come to light, which has put into the question the authenticity of his videos. Likewise, the bad press has also made him more popular than ever before. For example a few weeks ago a leaked Kevin Samuels high school yearbook photo showed that he was a cheerleader in high school possibly.

No Kevin Samuels exposure has included legal documents about his past marriage until now. Surely he’ll respond these documents leaking in an upcoming video.

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