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Scary Footage Shows Biker Going 160 MPH Before Crashing Into 18 Wheeler Truck

A scary video has been released that shows how a motorcycle accident that left a rider brain damaged happened due to reckless driving. The footage shows the biker going 160 mph before crashing into a 18 wheeler truck. The most miraculous part of this story is how the biker survived the horrific impact of the collision.

According to reports, bystanders at the scene of the accident with no medical background sprung into action to save his life as he was dying. They phoned 911 and followed instructions on how to perform CPR and other techniques keep his heart beating.

Medical reports state the rider was in a coma for two months after sustaining what are being called permanent brain injuries. Even after recovering the rider is unable to talk clearly as result of his brain injury. He will need day to day assistance from his family for the rest of his life.

Thankfully this guy survived that ordeal, and didn’t injure anyone else in the process. However, he will have to live with permanent brain damage that happened on his own accord by reckless driving.

Prayers up for the bike rider, hopefully a miracle happens and he one day regains full brain function.

Stay safe out there on these roads, and always remember the goal is to get from point a to b as safely as possible.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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