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Freddie Gibbs Awkward Moment After Learning Mike Tyson Doesn’t Know Who Dr. Umar Johnson Is on HotBoxin’ Goes Viral

Mike Tyson is one of the most genuine athletes of all time. When he does interviews with people, there was always the vibe that everything he was saying comes straight from his heart. Knowing this makes it super hilarious when he reveals something that catches people off guard. In this case it was Freddie Gibbs learning Mike Tyson doesn’t know who Dr. Umar Johnson is.

Mike Tyson Reacts to Freddie Gibbs Saying Dr. Umar Doesn’t Like White People on HotBoxin’

During a recent episode of HotBoxin’ Freddie Gibbs had to explain who Dr. Umar was to Mike Tyson, and it ended up making for a hilariously awkward moment. Mike Tyson’s reaction to learning Dr. Umar Johnson doesn’t like white people, was one of confusion and anger.

Mike Tyson’s analysis of Dr. Umar Johnson on Hotboxin’

It all started when Freddie Gibbs was talking about white women in the 90s, then made a joke about Dr. Umar being mad at them for it. Mike Tyson had a perplexed look on his face as he asked who Dr. Umar was. Freddie Gibbs described Dr. Umar as a righteous black man who doesn’t like white people.

To his surprise Mike Tyson described Dr. Umar as someone who was promoting hate. He took a much softer tone later saying he would need to see Dr. Umar Johnson’s work before passing final judgement.

Skip to the 17 minute of the mark to see Mike Tyson’s reaction to Dr. Umar. The entire episode was a classic, and very insightful.


Dr. Umar recently got married to two beautiful women at the same time.

Does Mike Tyson’s analysis of Dr. Umar on HotBoxin’ have solid ground? Freddie Gibbs seemed to agree with Mike Tyson’s criticism of Dr. Umar not liking white people. However, Mike Tyson slightly shifted his opinion towards trying not to pass judgement without fully understanding someone’s work.

Could we have a Mike Tyson vs Dr. Umar Johnson beef on the horizon? Who would win that boxing match?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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