Two small areas in Texas are going viral after people witnessed something that seem other worldly. What has been described in multiple reports has people convinced that a UFOs may have visited the rural areas of Texas. Footage of the possible UFOs was captured in two separate videos.

Were the Mysterious Green Lights Over Texas a UFO?

According to reports the the mystery green lights were first spotted in area just north of Austin Texas called Round Rock. The footage shows a fleet of 5 circular shape objects flying in perfect unison through the night sky. They were all emitting what looked like yellowish green lights. Residents in the area claimed they had never seen anything like it before. The same fleet of green lights was also seen in another video recorded by a man in the Spicewood area of Texas.

Some people think they might have been drones, but the way they were flying and the altitude they were at says otherwise. Were the green lights over Texas UFOs? Take a look.

Every time possible UFO sightings like this happen many people are left wondering why the UFOs never actually land and make contact. Are they just observing, or are they too scared of humans to attempt making direct contact? There are some conspiracy theories that they do make contact, but only speak with military personnel and world leaders such as the president, but who really knows.

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