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White Mom Named Adley Strange Ultimate Nacho Cone Hack Recipe for Super Bowl LV Goes Viral For How Disgusting it Looks

A white mom named Adley strange Ultimate Nacho Cone Hack recipe for Super Bowl LV is going viral for how disgusting it is. As the name says this woman literally made Nacho Ice Cream cones.

The shocking footage shows the suburban mother named Adley making a mixture on her kitchen counter that literally looks like throw up. The ingredients included nacho cheese sauce pour directly on the counter, a can of jalapenos peppers, an entire pack of taco seasoning, an entire can of salsa, and two packs of shredded cheddar cheese. She topped of the disgusting Ultimate Nacho Cone hack by pouring Tortilla chips on top, and crushing them into the slop mixture with her bare hands.

At the end of the video she used an ice cream scooper to put the nacho slop mixture in a tortilla cone. In that moment the most disgusting food ever was born, a Nacho Ice Cream cone. If you’re squeamish you might not be able to make it through this whole video.

There’s no telling how many stomachs this woman destroyed on Super Bowl LV Sunday. People who followed this recipe across the USA where probably stuck in the bathroom hours. Millions of Toilets were probably clogged. Doctor visits probably sky rocketed with people complaining of severe stomach pain.

Someone get this mother out the kitchen ASAP. Pray for her kids’ stomachs through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla