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Is Lebron James $ex Trafficking Women? Ex WNBA Player Cappie Pondexter Alleges Lebron James is Human $ex Trafficking

Is Lebron James $ex trafficking women? In an emotional video former WNBA Player Cappie Pondexter accused Lebron James of human $ex trafficking. As she revealed the surprising allegations to the world she told her story of being one of his alleged victims.

According to her accusations Lebron James tried to murder Cappie Pondexter, and kept her prisoner in the $ex trafficking ring she alleges he is running. She also claims that he stole all her money, and left her broke. Cappi Poindexter claims Lebron James’ human $ex trafficking ring is the reason she has been missing for the past two years. She says she had no idea where she was being kept prisoner, but didn’t explain how she escaped.

Is she talking crazy or revealing the truth to the world?

Is Cappie Pondexter a $ex Trafficking Victim of Lebron James?

Usually people think of the ultra rich higher ups when they think of people who would do something like what she is claiming. However, awhile back Lebron James posted a cryptic message on social media referencing higher ups sending him “message” with conspiracy theories. What if that message was Cappi Pondexter exposing his alleged human $ex trafficking ring to the world to ruin his image?

Just a few weeks ago one of Lebron James’ friends was exposed for promoting taking advantage of women. When you add that to Cappie Poindexter alleging she escaped Lebron James’ $ex trafficking ring it kind of makes you wonder. Would she really come out of nowhere to lie about something like this knowing Lebron James could file a lawsuit against her for defamation of character?

It just seems too crazy to believe the legendary Lebron James is running a human $ex trafficking ring, but we’ve seen crazier stuff happen in Hollywood. Right now there is no real proof to supporter her accusations though.