Student named John Bravo Who Runs to Each Class When Bell Rings Goes Viral after Hundreds of Students Start Waiting to High Five Him

John Bravo was just a regular high school student – until he went viral. His unique talent for running to his classes quickly after the bell rang has earned him hundreds of admirers, who line up to high five him as he passes.

It started with a handful of students, who appreciated John’s speedy entrance. However, word quickly spread, and soon hundreds of people were waiting for him to pass, creating a scene reminiscent of an NBA player high-fiving his teammates before a game. Some students even try to take selfies with him while he’s in action.

John’s newfound fame has earned him the nickname, “the fastest student in school,” and has even been recognized by his principal, who commends him for always being on time. He often posts videos of his runs on Instagram, where he has nearly 131,000 followers under the username “john_bravo_runs”. This guy set a new standard for what it means to take getting class on time seriously, plus he gets some cardio each time the bell rings.

John’s story of going from a regular high school student to a viral sensation has been inspiring for many people, both in his school and beyond. His unique talent for running to class quickly, and his commitment to always being on time have definitely earned him a spot in the hearts of his admirers.

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