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New Details About COVID-19 Vaccine May Show People are Wrongfully Persecuting Anti-Vaxxers

On any given day you can go on social media and see a mass amount of hostility towards people who won’t take the COVID Vaccine. The sentiment of people who attack them is the belief that they are putting other people in danger by not taking the vaccine shot. However, new details from CDC may show that people are wrongfully attacking Anti-vaxxers under misguided pretenses.

The Reason Why Anti-Vaxxers May Not Be Affecting Other People By Not Taking the Vaccine

A few days ago CNN, which is a trusted news source by millions of people reported that CDC confirmed that vaccinated people spread the coronavirus at the same rate as an unvaccinated person. They highlighted an outbreak in Massachusetts where 74% of the people responsible for it were fully vaccinated.

Based on the report from CNN and CDC it means that someone who doesn’t get vaccinated is really only affecting themselves in most cases. The only major advantage of taking the COVID-19 vaccine is that it lowers the risk of developing severe complications if you get infected with COVID. However, as aforementioned it doesn’t reduce your ability to spread the virus to others. This makes you wonder why places New York are creating new rules that require people to show proof of vaccination before entering a restaurant or gym.

A few days ago a video went viral where the President of Mexico highlighted the inconsistencies of how the COVID vaccine is being promoted through social media channels. He insinuated the Big Pharmaceutical companies who are making massive profit from these COVID-19 vaccines are controlling the narrative on social media in order to influence people to take the shot, and make people who don’t get it look like the bad guys. Could he be on to something?

The question remains are people wrongfully attacking Anti-vaxxers under misguided pretenses, or are they refusing to acknowledge that vaccinated people spread COVID-19 too?

The most important take away here is that people who are vaccinated need to be aware that they can spread the virus just like someone who isn’t vaccinated, which means they need to take the same kind of precautions they were taking before getting vaccinated. It seems wearing a mask is still the best thing you can do to protect others.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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