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Viral Video Shows Man Waking Up to Police Arresting After Falling Asleep on Stranger’s Porch With his Hands Down His Pants

When you’re tired and need to get some rest, one of the worst places to fall asleep in the middle night is on a random person’s porch. A viral video of a Virginia man waking up to police arresting him after he fell asleep on someone’s porch is a perfect example of why.

Mahon Dr. Sleeping Man on Porch Arrest Video Goes Viral

In the video Virginia police approach a black man sleeping on a stranger’s porch with his hands down his pants, after the homeowner reported an unknown person was on their porch. Police waked the man up, he looked right at them, then fell right back to sleep.

When police began patting him down, they realized there was gun hidden in his crotch area. While the man was still sleeping they reached down his pants to retrieve the gun. They were finally able to wake him up while putting handcuffs around him.

This guy had the gun on him for protection, but fell into deep sleep with it.

It’s not clear if this guy fell asleep pleasuring himself, or fell asleep holding his gun in his pants. The way he was sleeping that deeply on a random person’s porch may indicate he was popping pills.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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