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Dr. Fauci Reveals 50% of FDA and CDC Employees Refused COVID-19 Vaccine Shots Sparking Conspiracy Theories

One of the most controversial topics in society today is the safety of COVID vaccines that are still technically in trial stages. There have been many reports of the Moderna and Pfizer shot causing adverse sometimes deadly reactions, but doctors still continuously urge people that the vaccine is safe. However, new details paint a picture that even organizations who are a pivotal part of the distribution and guidelines in the creation process of the COVID vaccine don’t feel it’s safe to take.

During a recent video Dr. Fauci revealed that 50% of FDA and CDC employees refused to take COVID-19 vaccine shots. Those two groups of people were the first to be offered the same vaccines made available to the public, and half of them refused to take it.

Naturally, conspiracy theories around true safety of the COVID-19 vaccine are surging again with the new supporting evidence. The big question being asked is why are people who won’t even take the vaccine themselves urging the general public to take it? Is CDC and FDA knowingly cosigning an unsafe product for ulterior reasons?

How Many People Have Died After a COVID-19 Vaccine?

With this revelation that 40% to 50% of CDC and FDA employees are refusing to take COVID-19 vaccine, it brings up the question of how many deaths have occurred in relation to these shots. Official VAERS reports from Newsweek state that 970 people have died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine shot.

495 of deaths occurred after people took a Moderna vaccine, and 475 occurred after taking Pfizer shot. In all, around 90 million people have taken COVID-19 vaccine shots, so in general that is a very small percentage.

However, it does show that the COVID-19 vaccine is capable of causing death. Some scientists claim more research needs to be done to be 100% certain those 970 deaths can be directly attributed to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Is CDC and FDA pushing an unsafe product to the masses, and downplaying the deaths that have occurred? Would you trust what someone who won’t take the COVID vaccine themselves telling you it’s safe?

It really depends on whether you’re a glass half empty or glass half full type of person.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff