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Tony Hawk Asks Random Skaters to Do a Kickflip For Free Skating Gear While Driving Around Town in Viral Video

The legendary Tony Hawk is 52 and he still has more love than ever for skateboarding, but his most recent stunt didn’t involve him doing any tricks. Tony Hawk asked random skaters to do a kickflip for free skating gear while driving around in a viral video.

There was one catch, they not only to do the kickflip, but also land it perfectly. He did let one person who was on a scooter do a bar spin instead.

Can you imagine skating home from work or school, and Tony Hawk pulls up on you? Surprisingly it seemed like some people in the video had no idea who he was, but then again Tony Hawk doesn’t have an easily recognizable face, especially with the shades on.

Author: JordanThrilla

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